19 characteristics that the blog for your business

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1. Humility

in presenting information. Present the information with authority, but without the self-aggrandizement or self-proclamation of an expert or authority. Let people see for themselves that you know what you are talking about and that what you master can help them solve a problem. Simply put, don’t be a guru.

2. Return

on Investment (ROI). Keep an eye on what is working and what is not. Analyze each of the elements of your blog and determine which functions are generating the highest return on investment.

3. Multi-format

. Use creative images or interesting videos in each blog post. There is nothing worse than large blocks of text without interruptions and a lack of visual effects.

4. Focused

on the target audience. The best business blogs laser focus on the topic at hand. Stay on track and avoid superfluous words and topics that have nothing to do with your target audience.

5. Authorsof weight.

Blogs with the collaboration of opinion leaders in your sector show that they belong to businesses that are well established and trustworthy.

6. Simplicity.

Keep it short and simple. The use of jargon and references far beyond the scope of the reader’s knowledge or experience means that he or she does not feel identified with the content.

7. Easyto read.

Avoid complicated wording and overly confusing paragraphs. Instead, opt for short paragraphs, headings, and highlight points to keep the reader’s attention.

8. Joint effort.

See the blog as a group exercise, not an individual sport. Integrate other opinions and points of view in the blog to generate a more complete content.

9. Priority in care.

Don’t let comments get stuck in your inbox waiting to be approved. It establishes a simplified editing process and a quick review method.

10. Tackle difficult topics.

Don’t be afraid to challenge your audience, tackling hot and difficult topics within your industry. Taking a stand on controversial issues is one way to spark interest

11. Stay sane and kind

. Keep a good face and don’t be startled when someone contradicts or criticizes what you have to say. Not everyone is going to agree with you, talk to them.

12. Effective

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Balance quality content and value for your audience along with strategic SEO, but do not abuse the latter. Write for your audience, not for Google.

13. Make

sure everything is professional. Don’t write about your family life or even corporate retreats or awards and banquets, unless it is highly relevant to your audience. A business blog should revolve around professional topics.

14. Avoid empty content

. The worst mistake for a blog is generating tons of empty and meaningless content for the target audience, boring content that offers nothing. Read quite a few blogs and you will find that those who stand out the most share material that solves problems and concerns of their audience, in addition to being made with passion.

15. Without fear.

No topic is off limits if it can be approached with professional integrity and courage. Give yourself a chance to tackle challenging topics that offer your readers something new to think about.

16. Keep the ego out.

Don’t make yourself the center of attention. Highlight the talents and accomplishments of others and show that your customers and readers are what really matter.

17. Linked

with businesses in your sector. Get to know the leaders in your industry and what they are doing and talking about. Engage these business leaders in the conversation and take the game to your turf.

18. Consistency.

Regular content on a blog is a must. Being consistent and reliable is a valuable trait in any company.

19. Invest in the blog.

Don’t think that looks and ease of use don’t matter. Investing financial resources in appearance and usability is investing in achieving your business objectives.

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