Data Is the New Soil for Agriculture!

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Big Data & america Agriculture Industry

“Data is the brand new Oil”. This became not the primary event while we heard this expression. We heard it from the insurance, production and the healthcare industry leaders. But apparently within the recent instances the futuristic huge data era, is a subject widely mentioned in one of the oldest and conventional industries – the Agricultural Industry.


So why is there much speak and extra importantly large investments and acquisitions going on in the Big Data analytics area within the farming commercial enterprise? Why suddenly farming performance is underscored like by no means earlier than and yield-per-acre is the most studied metric inside the enterprise?

Interestingly, answers to those series of “Why” inquiries can be linked to some other massive and formidable question that stands earlier than us, this is “”How to feed the growing population by 2050?”

international’s second maximum populous country

Presently the sector population is at 7.2 billion and the additional 2 billion is a massive number. Imagine including more international locations of the dimensions of India (international’s second maximum populous country) inside the meals call for basket!

Also, if we juxtapose the UN World population estimates with the Per capita Arable land figures supplied by way of World Bank, we’d be capable of apprehend the gravity of the scenario. We need to supply and supply meals to the 9 billion from even lesser land and reducing water assets inside the subsequent 35 years.

The population growth puts huge pressure at the Ag-industry at numerous dimensions. To take care of this project, the USDA (United States Dept. Of Agriculture), estimates that the farm productiveness, measured in yield-in keeping with-acre, needs to growth by way of an superb 60% from the present figures.


“Mankind become born on Earth. It turned into in no way meant to die right here”! The celebrated film quote from Interstellar inspires us of the reality that each time the human race has faced with real crisis,we’ve got stood up and give you extremely good improvements to address the state of affairs.

So, let us have a quick observe the records of agriculture and notice how the Ag industry has tackled comparable challenges inside the past using era and took the farm productiveness to the subsequent stage.

As we understand, with each new innovation at each stage, the productivity tiers stepped forward exponentially. Since a big component folks recognise the tale of farming until the biotechnology technology, let us attention at the maximum latest advancements i.E. Precision agriculture and Big Data.

Precision agriculture

Precision agriculture in most honest terms is the application of particular and specific quantities of inputs like, fertilizer, pesticide and, water at the right time to the harvest for growing its productiveness and maximizing its yields.

The GPS technology accelerated the adoption and use of precision agriculture as it permits precise and correct mapping of the farms. Together with the GPS and the Decision Support systems established in his pc, the farmer receives facts approximately the repute of his harvest and which part of the farm requires inputs including pesticide or fertilizer.

Big Data in Agriculture

In the ultimate two a long time, the agriculture global has inconspicuously been added to information accumulation generation way to the technology explosion. Farm system manufactures incorporated, information shooting systems into their tractors and farm machinery.

Soil moisture tiers, plant boom stage and might different information is captured as the tractor actions. Also the massive farms commenced using programming packages to cope with their subject operations. This has resulted in seize of big farm statistics within the last decade.

Pest management and Crop disorder management

In parallel, there is additionally big amount of statistics (in Exabytes) from different assets within the discipline of Weed management, Pest management and Crop disorder management. Add that to the region precise climate and soil data, we’ve got simply big statistics streams to be had for analytics.

This affords a top notch opportunity of taking Precision agriculture to the next stage by way of the software of information technology. Preliminary research simply exhibit that using the above technologies the yield- according to- acre has significantly progressed.

For instance a main look at carried out by using the Precision Institute in cooperation with the American Soybean Association (ASA) tested a fifteen% savings on seed, fertilizer, and chemical substances. Additionally, there are more than one studies conducted by using USDA that suggests that using precision agriculture era and facts science introduced the water intake down inside the fields via a whopping 50%.

Fight for the First mover gain

The main businesses inside the enterprise have already sensed the real financial cost of the Ag Data and the vast commercial enterprise capacity of turning this farming information to greenbacks. Subsequently we will witness a sequence of investments and acquisitions occurring in this space.

John Deere is the pioneer and visionary in this space and launched Farm Sight in early 2011 with consciousness on machine optimization, farming logistics and decision aid for the farmers. AGCO accompanied in shape and released Fuse Technologies platform in 2013 with an open approach in which integration and connectivity throughout the farm belongings is made feasible, regardless of the logo.

Later, AGCO and DuPont Pioneer announced a worldwide collaboration on the way to permit seamless interface of records and farm control data between AGCO gadget and EncircaSM offerings of Pioneer. In the meanwhile, Monsanto made news through a huge acquisition, once they bought Climate Corporation Company for $1 billion. Climate Corporation based by using an ex-Google employee has revolutionary Agro-data analytics merchandise like Nitrogen Advisor. The selling factor of Nitrogen Advisor is that it guarantees an additional earnings of $ a hundred /acre to the farmer at a subscription price of $15 acre.

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