How does technology affect agriculture?

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Imagine the world of any technology. Ethically impossible to think nisso, não é mesmo? It is not restricted only to nascent industries. A technology also applies to the field and to agricultural


Or the use of integrated systems, robotics and sensors that have revolutionized more diverse types of agricultural processes. The direct result is two ganhos of non-field production, facilitating management and reducing various costs for the producer.

More technology in agriculture goes much further. I want to know more? Continue with people and discover! Boa leitura.

Technology in agriculture and its applications not day by day
More and more technological tools are being incorporated into the field. A digital agriculture is an exemplary disso. She uses IT to optimize or manage the field


Outra practice that we can cite is the genetic tool, which selects or modifies the genetic material of a living being. Fruits sem sementes, like honey, are results of melting, for example.

We also have biotechnology, which makes it possible to directly modify the DNA of two organisms, in this case helping not to increase


Not that I say I respect the aerial monitoring, or the use of the global positioning system, the better known by the GPS acronym, and the drones are possible to accompany them in real time and much more precise.

Agriculture 3

.0 and 4.0 and advances in the field
All this evolution of technology in agriculture is increasing year by year. An example is that we call agriculture 3.0, which fears as a characteristic or use of GPS to detect and manage variations according to the needs of each location. As it, it becomes possible to make different recommendations for housing, irrigation, etc.

Já to agriculture 4

.0 is followed to incorporate automation and connectivity. Machines, drones, theft and autonomous vehicles are used to generate data. Isso allows the farmer much more information on his land, facilitating decision making. At the same time, there are many opportunities for business and increased productivity.

Benefits that technology mapped to or be used in agriculture
Among the benefits of using technology in agriculture we can


Productivity increase, since it is possible to detect the garments in production with precision and antecedent;

Reduce negative impacts by not damaging the environment, reducing the consumption of water, fertilizers and pesticides;

Facilitates communication between producers, operators, administrators, agronomists, etc. with the use of cell phones and internet


Diminui costs in maintenance of lavoura, once it detects a shortage of nutrients not only and shows in an assertive way the quantity of nutrients and fertilizers that need to be added;

Reduce the risk of losses due to climatic events, pragas and natural disasters, by means of monitoring and information systems accessible.

Uma coisa et fato: a technology in agriculture an important role will not advance in the next few years. And let’s see a lot of other revolutions in the field!

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