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The important thing is that you give yourself the necessary time to adapt to the changes and that as you see results in your physical condition and your energy level, you find enough motivation to add new habits that allow you to stay in your purpose and enjoy the process. That’s why drastically cutting food out of your diet or exercising more than necessary is never the best way to start. Your body and mind need time to adjust to changes.

Exercise: don’t run wild

As with eating, the volume and intensity of the exercise you do in the gym or outdoors should be progressive. If you are one of those people who have never exercised, do not go out on the first day to run 10 kilometers, not even 5 kilometers. Start by doing a mile or two at a good pace. Same at the gym: don’t spend a full 2 ​​hours lifting weights or doing cardio. Start with basic exercises and a weight that requires you, but does not make you feel like training is going to be a daunting task. Give yourself the opportunity to push your body, but also to be patient to see real and healthy changes, because over time the physical response will get better and better.

Aerobic activity: the best method to burn calories?

These are the benefits of aquatic ‘fitness’
Sleep, just as important for health as diet or sport
Take time to take care of yourself
Surely taking the time to exercise or to prepare meals at home is not easy, but contrary to what many think, ‘fitness’ can be as flexible as you need it. Remember that the idea is that it adapts to you and your activities, and not the other way around.

If it is about training, it is not necessary that it be two hours a day, even with half an hour 3 times a week you can see changes in your body, it is also not mandatory that you train in a gym. There are many routines that can be done at home with no other tools than your body weight. Don’t forget either that training at night or in the morning does not make a difference, the important thing is that you can


On the other hand, taking care of your diet does not have to force you to change your whole family’s menu or to prepare something completely different for yourself. The most important thing is that you always find a balance between the carbohydrates, fats and protein that make up your plate, in addition to taking care of the


Bear in mind that any extreme habit is bad, no matter how healthy it may seem and that if you decide to make ‘fitness’ a lifestyle, the first thing you should feel is that your diet and training are truly sustainable over time. That’s the key to seeing results and not getting into the yo yo diet cycle.

Four tips that can help you1. Spend one day a week cutting, washing, and portioning foods that save you time preparing your meals.

2. It is always better to do some exercise than to do nothing, even if it is just walking.

3. Try to vary your meals, always thinking about making them as healthy as possible. Eating the same thing every day bores anyone.

4 Try to save unhealthy meals for weekend outings with your family or friends. And on these occasions, avoid overdoing it.

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