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This year, the home office became a common practice, especially now that many companies around the world announced that they would extend this policy until mid-2021. However, this is also a great opportunity to combine the flexibility that employers give with Unforgettable vacations.

Why not take the opportunity to do remote work and at the same time enjoy a well-deserved vacation? According to a recent study by Expedia Group, this type of trip that combines work and leisure helps increase productivity, as well as achieve a better balance between our personal life and work responsibilities. Regardless of whether you do it for the free breakfast each morning, to escape the noise your neighbors make or for the simple fact of changing the routine of the home office, Expedia shares these tips to give you a getaway where you can work and relax at the time.

1. Make sure you choose a suitable space.

Even if you have an amazing bed in your room and all the comforts in the world, it is important that you check if there is a desk where you can sit for eight hours, take video calls and maintain a correct position to avoid back injuries. Expedia Tip: Some VIP Access hotels offer upgrades to Expedia Rewards members if available. Choose one of the VIP Access lodging options and you could be pleasantly surprised when you check-in.

2. Choose a room with a nice view.

Sending an email while admiring a great view is a luxury that you can only give yourself when doing remote work. Before booking, confirm if you will have a view of the garden, the sea or the patio. If not, find out how far you will be from outdoor spaces so that you can take a break from time to time and clear your mind with some fresh air.

3. Make sure there is a good internet connection.

To have good productivity, you need the internet to be stable. You usually find out in guest reviews if the Wi-Fi is good or not. Either way, if you want to confirm it or check the costs, call or send a message to the establishment before the date of your trip.

4. Organize your schedule well to work and enjoy the destination.

It is important to maintain a good performance; however, it is also important to have time to discover the place you visit. It is advisable to use lunchtime to go to a new place or take advantage of free time to have fun with the activities most recommended by local people. Thus, you can go into tourist mode as soon as you finish your shift.

5. Take your considerations in terms of technology.

Hasn’t it happened to you that you need to deliver something urgently and suddenly your computer charger stops working? Bring spare cables and equipment with you, and locate nearby stores that sell tech stuff to save yourself those stressful moments. Of course, extra chargers for cell phones and laptops are essential.

Finally, but just as important, it is essential that you check if there are government regulations regarding non-essential travel. In this way, you can take it into account when planning this type of getaway where you can combine holidays with a home office or remote work. This Expedia guide to travel in time of coronavirus will give you more peace of mind. In it you will find information that could help you live a safe experience and take all the necessary precautions.

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