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Sales have changed and the current sales scene is different from what it was a few years ago. Online sales were a transactional process because they were limited to completing or closing a business. Now, it is a different and personalized process because it allows us to add value and improve the relationship with our


If your goal is to increase sales, whether you are an online store or a service company, having a blog will allow you to generate trust in your customers and maintain the interest of prospects who are still not sure about buying from you.

The secret of a blog’s success lies in knowing how to reach our potential clients with content of value to them.

Talking about the success stories of your company or about the problems to which your product offers a solution, are some of the examples of content that we can develop.


Why use a blog?

The blog is a powerful promotional tool and serves as a strategy to position your company on the internet, because the content that is shared informs, solves doubts and helps the buyer during each stage of the purchase process.

From the choice of the product, to the closing of the sale and, even, during the useful life of the product, through recommendations for use and repair.

A corporate blog is ideal to meet your objectives, since it allows you to bring the client closer to your company so that they know more about it and build long-term relationships.


How to attract potential clients with a blog?

Now that you know what a blog is and what it is for, these tips can help you increase the chances of generating traffic and closing more sales:

Obtain information from your buyer persona: The first step in creating a blog and a content strategy is to define your buyer persona to know what their problems are and how you can help them solve them. It is important that the content is adapted to the needs and interests of each profile and during each stage of the purchasing process.
It starts with planning: When implementing a marketing strategy, you must have a content map and an editorial calendar to carry out concrete actions that allow you to meet your business objectives.
This will help you better plan your work and know what content to develop according to the interests of your buyer


Take keywords into account: One way to create high-quality content that attracts the most visits is through keywords. But what are keywords?
The keywords or keywords are the searches that the user performs to obtain information and solve their problems.

You must create content with topics related to your industry, sector or commercial activities, which help you improve your online positioning and generate sales


Imagine that you have a real estate company and, instead of looking for information about your products or services, the user looks for topics related to your sector and how your company can help them with their need.

Therefore, you can write articles such as: tips to buy a house on the beach, how to rent a house for the holidays, the best countries to live, among others.

But how can I find the keywords that my ideal customer is interested in? Google analyzes all the searches made in its search engine, as well as the queries made in its internal tools to filter all the results and create categories according to the user’s interests.

In our experience, we recommend using the Google Adwords keyword planner, because it allows you to search for additional keywords and add them to an existing campaign.

4. Use titles that incite the reader:

The title is the first impression that your audience gets about the content that you are going to offer. This depends on whether the user continues reading your article or leaves the page.

So always use titles that are attractive and interesting and that, at the same time, propose a solution to your need. We share some examples of titles that you can use:

How to do…
How to get…
7 reasons why …
7 out of 10 …
My opinion about …
My experience in …

5. Include a call to action:

Always, at the end of each post, include a call to action or CTA, which redirects the reader to a landing page to download a content offer that allows you to obtain records of your potential customers to contact them later.

Also, use links to share it on social networks and a subscription form to get the most contacts.

6. Try other formatting options:

Writing and sharing only articles is not enough to increase traffic to your website or blog. You need to diversify your content and explore other formats.

Here we mention some to adapt them to the needs and interests of your clients

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